Beit She’an Yeshiva

About Us​

The Hiburim Beit She’an Hesder Yeshiva was established in 2007 by Rabbi Shlomo Shushan with the aim of developing a generation of Torah scholars in the land of Israel who would continue the tradition of Torah studies that utilize deep analysis while also manifesting a new level of redemption. The yeshiva was intentionally established in northern Israel, in a peripheral area of the country. Beit She’an provides fertile ground for a yeshiva that operates in a warm family atmosphere.

Our Educational Approach

The yeshiva advocates an educational approach that highlights the positive and fosters the strengths and talents of a new generation of students. Educators at the yeshiva guide and direct each student on a spiritual and educational path of his own, in keeping with individual personal talents. Considerable emphasis is placed on empowerment, faith in the student’s capabilities, taking responsibility, and a sense of personal liberty.

Students attend the yeshiva as part of the Hesder program and they are both pre- and post-military service. Some are married and live in Beit She’an and the vicinity. They are joined by fathers and sons, people of employment age and retirees, who come to the yeshiva study hall to learn together and participate on a regular basis in specially tailored Torah classes .

When your waters shall spring forth

Once the beit midrash became well established, special study programs were opened: The Molichim Institute – a Kollel for halakhic matters following the vision that sees rabbis as community leaders in all respects: spiritual and social; the Ittim program – a weekly study program for working individuals, and the Pitcho Shel Gan Eden publishing house, a channel for wide distribution of the Torah innovations developed in the beit midrash. Also, in the digital sphere the yeshiva invests in spreading its learning by means of hundreds of classes through this website in the lesson database and on the yeshiva’s YouTube channel.


!Come and join us

For help in finding a suitable study course, lesson, hevruta, yeshiva week, and others, contact us by telephone or send a message:

055-6664919 | Yitzhak Baruchi

Yeshiva Team

Dayan Rabbi Shlomo Shushan

head of the yeshiva

Rav Shlomo studied at the Kerem Beyavne hesder yeshiva and at the Merkaz Harav yeshiva. He was ordained to serve as the rabbi of a city and then continued to studies of dayanut in Psagot. He was ordained as a dayan (religious judge) by then Chief Rabbis, the late Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu and the late Rabbi Avraham Shapira. He served in many roles: Rabbi-educator at several yeshivas, including the Beit El yeshiva, head of a kollel dayanut and a dayan at religious courts in Jerusalem. At present, Rav Shlomo serves as a dayan at the religious court of Tiberias-Safed. The rabbi and his family moved from their previous home in Psagot to the town of Beit She’an, where he established a hesder yeshiva and a Kollel halacha. Once the yeshiva was well established, the rabbi founded a garin centering on the yeshiva, currently known as “Hiburim Beit She’an and the Valley”, where dozens of staff members and volunteers operate in a range of areas: Judaism, spousal relations and the family, farming, community, and many other connections.

“Go, my sons, listen to me; I will teach you what it is to fear the Lord” – the verse says “Go” and not “Come”. Our intention at the yeshiva is that even when leaving the yeshiva for military service, to build a home, and to earn a living, the students will constantly be attentive to the voice of Torah, to God’s voice that they absorbed during their studies at the yeshiva. We are directed towards the future and not only to the time spent at the yeshiva.

Rabbi Ohad Aharon Baruch
head of the beit midrash

Rav Ohad Aharon studied at the Merkaz Harav yeshiva. He was among the founders of the Ner Yisrael yeshiva in Tiberias and operated extensively in the city. He then continued to the Beit She’an hesder yeshiva, to head the beit midrash.
Rav Ohad is well known and active among the local residents and serves as the rabbi of the Or Hamekif congregation in Beit She’an.
“The Torah of the Land of Israel” is the Jerusalem Talmud, which has a prominent place in studies at the beit midrash, such that students are proficient in both the Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud. This is truly unique.

Rabbi Shmuel Kobos
head of the Kollel halacha

Rav Shmuel studied at the Mitzpe Yericho yeshiva under Rabbi Shabtai Sabato, at the Ramat Gan yeshiva under Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira, and at the Kollel halacha in Yitzhar under Rabbi Dudi Dudkevich.
He has been active for many years in efforts at religious strengthening and returning Jews to religious life. Together with his wife and children he established several “Jewish homes” and at present he is operating in this vein at Kibbutz Beit Hashita.
He teaches the yeshiva students Hasidut, and guides and prepares the Kollel students at the Kollel halacha to successfully pass the exams for the rabbinate. Rav Shmuel has an active part in the yeshiva’s publishing house, he is an expert in linguistic editing, and he has had a hand in producing many compilations and books.

Rabbi Amir Katz
teaches in the Ittim program

Rabbi Amir Katz established the Hamelech Basadeh beit midrash near his home in the northern moshav of Sdeh Eliezer.
Rav Amir is the center of a group of ba’alei teshuva from the different walks of Israeli society, who find in him pathways to the innermost parts of the Torah, religious strengthening, and the worship of God, in a manner appropriate for the current times.
Rabbi Amir Katz sees our yeshiva’s beit midrash as a spiritual center that manages to accommodate all Jews and thus chose it as the location for special weekly study evenings for working individuals from the entire region of Beit She’an, the Jordan Valley, and Emek Maianot.

Rabbi Shoval Shushan
rabbi-educator of the first-year students

Rav Shoval was a counselor at the Makor Haim high school yeshiva, then at the Har Hamor yeshiva, and later at the Noam Siach yeshiva at Kochav Hashahar, concurrent with studying for a Bachelor’s degree in education. He was very active in the settlement of Kida and the region and then moved to Beit She’an to teach young men and generate a new generation of Torah scholars.

“In the world at large – when people study they perceive themselves as greater individuals, but among Hassidim the more they study the smaller they perceive themselves…” Studying in the beit midrash, combined with the worship of God, hasidut, and faith, allows current-day students to find space within themselves for the Holy One Blessed be He, the Torah, and Jewish values. Therefore, the family atmosphere, the personal hevruta with the rabbi-educator, the study evenings, are an inseparable part of the beit midrash; this is a living Torah, a Torah of life

Rabbi Binyamin Sofer
lessons in faith

Rabbi Binyamin Sofer is a veteran rabbi in the town of Beit She’an, among the founders of the local Bnei Akiva high school yeshiva, where he served as rabbi for many years. He is well known in the town, gives classes in synagogues and communities as well as workshops on education, perceiving the good, and the family.
Rav Binyamin has accompanied the yeshiva since its inception and he is a significant link connecting the beit midrash at the yeshiva to the local residents.
Rav Binyamin gives lessons in faith in its widest sense, faith that does not remain an issue of theoretical studies but rather is manifested also in Bible studies and in daily life.

Rabbi Moshe Klein
lessons in the yeshiva and in the community

Rabbi Moshe Klein served for several years as a rabbi-educator at the yeshiva and during that time also gave classes in many local synagogues and communities, with much devotion and love.

Although Rav Moshe moved several years ago to the holy city of Jerusalem, where he founded another place of Torah, he comes to Beit She’an every week and continues his classes for students and for the communities.